Ready To Go Dollface

Tiny sweet girl is ready to go December, I have videos of her. Loving, small, applehead…   Continue


Gorgeous show type beauty quality male. Blue Merle Large eyes, shorter nose, perfect applehead

Micro Elvis

Elvis Micro Showy Perfection

I m interested in keeping this boy myself. I’m also interested in keeping Lambchop and Mr….   Continue


Dollface applehead Extreme

Dollface male and has gorgeous applehead. He has a short nose, and large eyes. He is…   Continue


Teacup Extreme Dollface Longhair

8/30/2018 SNOWWHITE ll X HAMSTER Teacup Male Extreme dollface Applehead Show type beauty. solid white ***AVAILABLE***…   Continue


extra Beautiful dollface

She is adorable and has a perfect applehead. She has large eyes anda short muzzle. Stunning…   Continue