Pick-Up / Delivery

We no longer offer Cargo Shipping. You will need to come to me to pick up
your Chihuahua puppy, or you can send a friend, a relative or an air flight nanny.I do not meet at airports. You need to come to my city.

NOTE- I do not accept STAND-BY NANNIES who do not set flights. THEY AREN'T INSURED. Stand-By nannies do not leave airports so if you have an emergency and can not drive to the delivery airport they can not help you, as they won’t leave airport grounds. Stand-by nannies can get stuck at the airport for many hours with the puppy because they do not set flights and are never guaranteed a flight.Standby nannies will not drive to my home to pick up the puppy before going to airport.I do not drive to airports. Stand-by nannies are the ones who only charge $550 because it is solely profit as they do not set flightS.

If you can’t pick up your own puppy, you may send a friend or relative, but if you hire a flight nanny I only accept A nanny that will set a flight. Also the flight nanny needs to come to me to pick up the puppy!

I can refer you to a reliable nanny who is insured. I met the nanny when customers hired her when cargo closed during COVID 2020. She gives customers a new carrier and never re-uses carriers as those stand bys do. She does not work for me. You would hire her yourself. She sets flights, sometimes needs to stay overnight in hotel. She can use a rental car to drive to you if you need her to. Prices average $700 to $900 West and central , $900 to $1300 for the East Coast.