Licensed Insured Nanny

Flight Nanny, Licensed /Insured. NOT a Stand by Nanny, but a professional.


Pays to be Insured                             No Insurance

Pays to be licensed                            Not licensed, Often illegal

Sets flights ($500 to $1100)                Doesn't set flights

First class seats                                   No seats results often stranded at airport

New carrier each puppy                       Re-use  same carrier

Can leave airport / rent-a-car               Does not leave airport

Can drive puppy to you                        Does not leave airport

Airfare + puppy fare + Profit $550        Profit only $550 -$600

The licensed insured flight nanny uses new carriers per puppy so there is no transmission of canine diseases Each customer receives a new carrier


If a round trip flight costs $925 , plus $100 puppy fare plus $550 profit = $1575 Nanny charges

If a round trip flight costs $575, plus $100 puppy fare, plus $550 profit= $1125

NOTE: Flight costs vary widely according to many factors including season , holidays, etc ….

My prices PLUS nanny fees combined are often lower then you will find Chihuahua pups priced by themselves on some other breeder sites

My puppy prices average below Market despite my puppies being higher quality and smaller.

Text exchanges with buyers , nanny and me