About Us

About Us

3 Decades Home Raised Happy Adult Dogs. No Kennel

We have an average of  6-8 litters of chihuahua puppies for sale per year and strive for the highest quality. All of our adult chihuahuas are in the 3 to 5 pound range with two  males 2 lb range and a couple females who have held weight after having babies so are now 5 to 6 lbs.

It is universal for a small breed dog Breeder to base a adult female weight at 2 years of age BEFORE pregnancy.

Our puppies are genetically small. I have provided inch measurements of my adults on my ADULT PARENTS page and May be the only breeder posting inch body measure of . I have been a hobby breeder of applehead chihuahuas for over 25 years now, and always with the goal of bettering the breed.  All of our chihuahuas  are part of our family and we treat them as such. My goal is to place each puppy  into a loving, proper environment with the right family so that everyone is happy.  We have puppies living in happy homes all across the United States and Canada.  We never sell to pet shops, or puppy brokers ( online petshops)

 I have spent my entire life caring for animals, starting at age 9 the rescue instinct kicked in. One event at age 17 would  lead me heavy into animal rescue in my later life. At age 17 I  rescued dozens of waterfowl ( using a red radio flyer ) in the 1970’s when rescue organizations were rare to be found. Turning a garage into a hospital with heat & humidity, I treated dozens of Coots, ducks and Geese affected by a botulism outbreak at a Lake in Newark, California. I was shocked there wasn’t an organization  to rescue the birds. Many of the ducks, geese and their babies I returned to the lake as they recovered with my home made treatments 

Continuing Rescue Work
I have been feline rescue for 25 years now. The money from the sales of our chihuahua puppies has given us the opportunity to fund many feline medical /surgical needs. The most risky surgery was at Davis California Vet University, relocating intestines & liver, from the chest of a kitten, down to her abdomen.  I have done hospice for the last fifteen years taking in old homeless felines with months to a year or so left of their lives so they can live their last days in warmth, safety and full bellies. My newest hospice I caught with a net February 2023 , as she was weak, suffering from abscesses, the cold  and open bite wound with exposed shoulder bones (in an orchard five miles from my home) . The wound is drenched once daily with disinfect solution and is healing. She’s on Clavmox antibiotic , no longer requires pain meds and is eating very well. She has started to purr too and as of March she is free in my home, very well behaved, fully potty trained,and living her final days in peace. She can climb, jump and move well with no lasting disability fro her previous severe shoulder wound. 



When you  purchase a puppy from me your puppy comes with