About Us

About Us

3 Decades Home Raised Happy Adult Dogs. No Kennel

We have an average of  6-8 litters of chihuahua puppies for sale per year and strive for the highest quality. All of our adult chihuahuas are in the 3 to 4 pound range with a couple males 2 lb range and a couple females who have held weight after having babies and are now 5 to 6 lbs. It is universal for a Breeder to base a female Chihuahuas weight on 2 years of age BEFORE pregnancy. So when you see some Breeders online say ALL their dogs are 3 to 4 lbs they are giving you the weight of females before having babies. A female Chihuahua can gain two lbs while pregnant and can easily hold on to  an extra 1/2 lb after delivering. I myself gained over 40 lbs with each of my three children! After the third child I never lost it all!

Our puppies are genetically small . I have provided inch measurements of my adults on my ADULT PARENTS page.I might be the only breeder offering inch measure.

Some people refer to these tiny chihuahuas as "teacup chihuahuas", however this is just a term used to describe a smaller chihuahua.  Not only are our chihuahua puppies tiny, they have excellent conformation in accordance with the chihuahua breed standard. Our dogs have wonderful, sweet temperaments. I have spent my entire life caring for animals, as I have given a sample of my childhood below. I have been a hobby breeder of applehead chihuahuas for over 25 years now, and always with the goal of bettering the breed.  All of our chihuahuas  are part of our family and we treat them as such. My goal is to place each puppy  into a loving, proper environment with the right family so that everyone is happy.  We have puppies living in happy homes all across the United States and Canada.  We never sell to pet shops, or puppy brokers ( online petshops)

A bit  about me under the age of 18 :As a youngster I was fascinated with live bearing aquarium fish.I had multiple fresh water aquariums with  Fancy Guppies and Mollies. I Upgraded to salt water with trying to raise Discus. As a child l also enjoyed raising hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, mice  and drawf bunnies. My family built beautiful aviaries where I raised Parakeets, canaries, finches and Cockatiels.

One event at age 19 would  lead me into animal rescue in my mid life. At age 19 I desperately rescued dozens of waterfowl ( using a red radio flyer ) in the 1970’s when rescue organizations were rare to be found. Turning a garage into a hospital with heat & humidity I treated a few dozens of Coots,ducks and Geese affected by a botulism outbreak at a Lake in Newark, California. I was shocked there wasn’t anyone to rescue the birds, andthe city just picked up dead bodies daily. Many of the ducks, geese and their babies I returned to the lake as they recovered.

Going off to college you might think I would studied animals, but no, I instead learned finger curls and went though Cosmetology school as had my father before me. My father was a Marine for several years,  but he had gone through cosmetology school! Isn’t that unique? Then I got married, and had three children of which my two oldest I mostly homeschooled and went into charter schools as they entered teen years.. The youngest one wanted nothing to do with homeschooling. He looked up at me one day at the age of 4 1/2 years old and informed me that he was not going to be home schooled, but wanted to go to regular school. He entered kindergarten at 4 years and 9 months of age. During  the first teacher meeting I was told my son had mid grade 2 reading level. I had not taught him to read. I was told that he was a self taught reader.  That day of the teacher meeting, I was in disbelief over what she had told me, so I tested my boy on the drive home asking him to read every street sign I pointed to . He accurately read every sign! That child has grown up and has been in law enforcement now for several years. My other two adult children take after me, working from home in website design and sales. They are not involved with breeding dogs,  but did take after me in rescue work.

The Start With Chihuahuas 
My love of animals I had as a child continued. After the death of my husband I purchasing a poodle puppy for my children from a local breeder, and that experience lead me on the road leading to, raising and breeding. Working from home I  was a bow to continue to homeschool my children.

Continuing Rescue Work 
In same time period I bought show dogs I also noticed that homeless cats were an animal in great need. My desire to rescue that I had as a child was reactivated,
I have been feline rescue for 25 years now. The money from the sales of our chihuahua puppies has given us the opportunity to fund many feline medical /surgical needs. The most risky surgery was at Davis California Vet University, relocating intestines & liver, from the chest of a kitten, down to her abdomen. We TNRweekly, spaying /neutering with placements into PetSmart.



When you  purchase a puppy from me your puppy comes with