Very Tiny, He has an overbite , mild, Teeth do not show. Opportunity for someone to own a smaller chihuahua that would be $3500 if a perfect bite.

Prefer experienced for these tiniest ones. He is Dollfaced and Teensy some offsite he charting 2.8 to 3.2 lbs grown

I don’t trust most veterinarians to vaccinate this size, so I keep Smallest ones longer to get 3 Single PARVO vaccines and one MULTI, sometimes two Multis so that Usually the buyers vet only needs to do one set, most times.

We use Neotech Neopar and it is SAFE And normal to give SINGLE INGREDIENT Neopar vaccine two weeks Apart For a few doses To protect against the most deadly disease of canines “parvo”. Giving a SINGLE vaccine allows the pups immune system to FOCUS on the one “disease” and build excellent titer level in a short time. (A vaccine simulates a disease )
This is not the same with multiple ingredient vaccines called POLYVENT Vaccines which must be spaced at five to six weeks apart

We are on California and can refer you to a delivery person who is licensed and Insured, or you may pick up from us.