Micro MightyMouse $2200

Teacup chihuahua Wonka

Extremely tiny micro teacup  longhair Male Extreme dollface
Applehead Show type beauty. Chocolate

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Disclosure, we call chihuahua puppies Micros if we expect them to be 2 to 3lb and 6to 7inches as adults. Weight alone is not size, but inch measurement is. A 6inch long adult chihuahua that weighs 3lbs is as tiny as a 7 inch long chihuahua that weighs 2lbs.
We charge number 1for QUALITY, and number 2and 3 the size and amount of work involved with each puppy. Some puppies are easy and others require much more work. The RULE is that the teensiest Chihuahua puppy ( ie. 8 week old that weighs 8 ounces ) ends up smallest adults, but size prediction is not a science. We do the best we can in adult size prediction and if we end up off a bit, at least the price you paid is worth it for the quality in beauty alone. As you research websites, you will find the looks of our Chihuahua is unique. We show inch measurements of parents and puppies to prove how teensy our dogs are

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    August 30, 2018