Tiny AMAZIN ( Est 3.2 -4 grown)

He is stunning , longhair exceptional beauty such a perfect baby doll face, Gorgeous applehead such…   Continue

Tiny Tinkerbell ( Est 3-3.5 grown) $2000

Pretty Dollface very tiny boned , compact body length , cobby, beautiful, I don’t release until…   Continue

Extra Teensy ( est 2-2.8 grown) BETTY BOOP


We give estimations, but if you look around you should be able to easily tell that…   Continue

Extra Tiny( Est 3 lbs grown) ANGEL

Pick up she is $3000 Extra beautiful tiny runt.She is so beautiful and personality to match,…   Continue

Extra Teensy (Est 2-2.5 grown) DIMPLES

Applehead Showy Taco

She is exceptional quality, not just tiny. We charge higher for the showy extreme Dollfaces, so…   Continue