Beauty $2500

She is show type and beautiful w and lovely applehead, brandy charts 3 lb range ,…   Continue

Tiny Blue Tan Heaven

Chocolate chihuahua for sale

S He is atiny shorthair rich blue  and tan chihuahua with dollface. Call or txt 209-328-0953

Tiny Female Lambchop

Chihuahuas for sale

SHe is a tiny  chihuahua of beauty with perfect applehead  with and short snub muzzle ….   Continue

Tcup Tamale SOLD

Chihuahua puppy for sale

Tiny chihuahua puppy  . He isn’t show quality but he has large eyes, shorter muzzle and…   Continue

Longhair Blue Eyes $3000

Teacup Chihuahua

Gorgeous puppy applehead  with bright blue eyes  She is a longhair merle white and fawn chihuahua…   Continue