Tiny MISSY dollface $3000

Short blunt face, white shorthair, applehead female, Best contract is 209-328-0953 text She is charting 4…   Continue

Tiny TEDDYBEAR $2500

Extra nice dollface , Short blunt face, He is a beautiful showy Dollface, higher quality, charting…   Continue

Tcup TACO showy $2500

He is a darling little black and tan male shorthair .He is charting 3 lbs grown…   Continue

MicroTcup MARYLYN $3500

Not for all families. Many of you do not understand this size and you wouldn’t really…   Continue

TinyToy BUTTON $1800

Male applehead, short muzzle, cobby shorter legs. He is charting To 4 lbs grown. small compact,…   Continue

Tcup KITTEN showy $3000

Longhair Black and Tan female charting 3 lbs , dollface , short cobby. All of our…   Continue