longhair Chihuahua SNOW WHITE $3000

Snow White  is tiny and expected to be 3 lb range contact me at 209-328-0953

Teacup PEANUT showy dollface $2300

He’s one of the two smallest  one and the showiest one Est be 2.8 to 3…   Continue

AMAZING applehead Dollface VIOLET $4500

BLUEFAWN color,ends of Carmel . She is the prettiest puppy I have, in my opinion and…   Continue

Toy POOH showy dollface $1800

chihuahua  shorthair male  Extreme dollface, gorgeous higher quality . He is a show prospect beauty. Charts…   Continue

Tcup/tiny toy White SNOWMAN $1800

Shorthair White male beautiful Applehead dollface male. We offer unbeatable pricing and do not accept credit,…   Continue