Tiny ( 3.2 -4 lbs grown) GOLDILOCKS $2200

Goldie is a longhair and is expected to be small like both her parents who are…   Continue


She is very dainty, little bird legs teeny boned lightweight.she is also exceptional beauty, hard to…   Continue

Tiny RILEY ( Est 3.2-4 grown) $1700

He has gorgeous applehead , large eyes . We aren’t interested in keeping most boys so…   Continue

Extra Teensy ( est 2.5 -2.12 lbs grown) WEENSY

Chihuahua puppy for sale

Prices can vary even if pups will be exactly the same size grown. This is because…   Continue

Extra tiny ( EST 2.5-2.12 grown) EBONY ROSE

Very teensy type nit suitable for most families . We don’t release until 14 to 16…   Continue