Tcup Showy Longhair KITKAT $2000

He is show prospect chihuahua of amazing  beauty with perfect applehead , snub nose and large…   Continue

Blue Spotted Showy $2000

Gorgeous male looks so much like his father. Showy type beauty Applehead, huge eyes, shirt muzzle…   Continue

Tcup Blue Longhair $2500

Stunning.male with perfect Applehead, large eyes and short muzzle

BlueJay $1800

chihuahua  shorthair male  Extreme dollface Applehead Show type beauty.  Charting 3 to 4 lbs grown call…   Continue

White Applehead Chihuahua $2300

Teacup Applehead Chihuahua

white male with extreme applehead and snub nose.He is white and has amazing head .Expected to…   Continue

Blue Bonnet Longhair $2500

Micro Chihuahua

Longhair Applehead dollface female. Charting 3 lb range grown, if you pick up I discount $200.