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Tiny “ Baby Bird” $2675

He is very tiny. A Beautiful applehead cobby ,Carmel color , short muzzle . He is…   Continue

XTiny longhair dollface COCO $3475

Gorgeous Longhair chocolate spotted on white longhair applehead female.beautiful doll face Est 3.5 lbs grown ….   Continue

Tiny dollface CITY GIRL $3450

She is a beauty, extra short nose, showy. She’s charting 3. 2 to 4 lbs grown….   Continue

Showy longhair dollface GIZMO $3150

Longhair male, very cobby , huge applehead perfect dollface Charting 4 lbs . he looks like…   Continue

Tiny dollface LILAC ROSE $3950

She is a shorthair silver , or fawn or lilac Merle. She is estimated to be…   Continue

XTiny BUGIBOO dollface $2650


Showy,Shorthair male applehead extra nice dollface , white with markings , dainty tiny boned, Charting 3.8…   Continue

Tiny Longhair LAMBCHOP dollface $3475

longhair dollface Applehead. She is beautiful, gorgeous Colby She is charting to 4 lbs grown. She…   Continue