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Chihuahua sizes  
 People do not seem to understand, that the smallest baby doesn’t always end up the smallest adult. The RULE says the smallest runt WILL end the up the smallest adult, but there is always that rare exception to the rule! This smaller tan sister ended up two lbs heavier as an adult then her sister. She also measured at least an inch bigger too.

Some people feel “size” is the same as “weight” , but it is not. Example:

  • Is a 9 inch body length in a 3 pound chihuahua a teacup? No. Weight does not determine size in such a case. It is understandable that the average consumer would think an estimated 3 lb grown puppy would be a “teacup” as adult,  but there is such poor quality chihuahuas very thin, long bodied , like greyhounds.
  • Cobby applehead chihuahuas are shorter on legs and shorter body length, and do not have greyhound builds. Even our 4 pound applehead   have 7 inch  lengths. I have 2 pounders with  6 to 7 inch, ALL Tiny but weigh differently

3. Puppy Ears Flop is NORMAL to 6 months.Also notice how the pup head structure developed such more advanced applehead as adult 


 What is the first sign of illness in a puppy?
Going off feeds is the first sign of trouble. Head right away to the Vet for a fecal check. EXAMINE THAT POOP! If you have solid hard poops and puppy is eating and playing then you are most likely fine. If you see loose stools It is vital to check your puppies stool Worms, Parasites and bacteria ….. food poisoning bacteria …..can cause illness.


6.Why Canned Food Is Dangerous!
Warning: Do not use canned dog or puppy foods to feed your puppy. It’s extremely dangerous for tiny puppies. Canned food means any and all soft dogs foods, in the plastic containers and foil pouches. Although bacteria are killed during the canning process, the “toxic poop” made by the bacteria remain. Canned dog and puppy food contain endotoxins from bacteria. High heat is used in the canning process to kill bacteria, but this does not destroy endotoxins ( the poop of bacteria).

7. Never Give Vaccine To
Puppy With Diarrhea, especially Parvo vaccine 
The parvo vaccine works by the vaccine lodging in the intestines and stimulating protection in the intestinal lining. If the intestinal lining is inflamed with sores from worms, or parasites A modified “live” Parvo vaccine can induce a parvo like illness.

Soft spot on top of head , usually smaller then a dime  similar to the fontanel newborn human have. In the past, this molera was accepted as a mark of purity in the breed. It is mentioned in Chihuahua breed standards the world over.It’s presence is normal in the applehead Chihuahua.

Unfortunately, many lay people and some ignorant veterinarians not familiar with the Chihuahua have tried to link the mere presence of  a molera with brain defects and scare chihuahua owners . Imagine if human doctors did that to the parents regarding human babie’s  soft  spots . Some Incompetent Vets will say the puppy has a “hole in its head” and needs a neurologist immediately! If your Vet is so unfamiliar with Chihuahuas as to not know about Moleras then  switch to a smarter Vet.  Such Ignorant remarks scare owners, causing unnecessary  distress. If your puppy has a larger molera then prevent the puppy from going under the bed or under wood furniture because if they hit the top of the head where the soft spot is they can cause injury. The area if the soft spot in infants and in chihuahuas does not have hard skull cover to protect the brain until the skull plates fuse. The closing of the molera usually happens by one year in Chihuahuas.



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