Health Contract
This agreement is a legal document between the buyer and seller. No other guarantees or warranties have been made either expressed or implied by the Breeder/Seller. Contract terms activates upon a deposit.

Seller is not responsible for the associated charges, such as delivery, veterinarian fees, etc. This guarantee ONLY covers life threatening congenital/hereditary conditions that will severely affect the suitability of this dog as a pet. To qualify for the limited health guarantee, you must have your puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian of your choice within 3 days of the date of taking possession of puppy.Send the Breeder a photo of the receipt by email within a day or two after the exam. If the new owner fails to submit proof of exam within 5 days of talking possession , they agree to forfeit ANY guarantee or warranty. Buyer assumes all responsiblilities for dog after the dog leaves Seller’s custody. Buyer agrees not to do any excessive traveling with the pup unless it is to the Veterinarian, until pup is fully vaccinated.

If the puppy is found to have a major congenital defect that would be life threatening to the puppy, puppy is to be returned within 72 hours of the exam at Buyers expense and a replacement puppy (of equal value) will be made when one becomes available, providing that the Seller receives written confirmation of the specific defect from the examining veterinarian. If the Buyer decides to keep the puppy, he/she accepts all medical costs.

At time of sale puppy is of sound health and Common problems or illnesses brought on by the Buyer (examples …an injury, allowing vet to over vaccinate by combining rabies vaccine with puppy shots …,vet giving NON CORE vaccines ( Corona, flu shot, brotdella, Lepto ) illnesses and immunizable disease, or hypoglycemia are not guaranteed and are the responsibility of the Buyer.

If the puppy is found to have a major congenital defect that would be life threatening to the puppy or expected to result in life long medical care, he is to be returned within 72 hours of the exam (at Buyers expense) and a credit of the cost of the puppy will be given toward a replacement puppy when one becomes available that the Buyer likes. Seller must receive written confirmation of the specific life altering defect from the examining veterinarian. If the Buyer decides to keep the defected puppy, he/she accepts all medical costs.




PONLY ALLOW “CORE VACCINES” . CALLED DHPP or DH2PP contains Distemper,Parvo, Heapatis , Adeno, Para.

DEATH IN FIRST YEAR In the unlikely event of this puppy’s death in the one-year warranty, a necropsy from a state veterinary lab must confirm a GENETIC cause before the Seller will take any action (to provide credit of cost of the puppy itself). Narcropsy performed at buyer’s expense. A photo of the deceased must be sent with the necropsy report for I.D.verification.

PURCHASER/SELLER AGREEMENTS. State laws allow contract agreements between buyer and seller as long as reasonable options of remedies exist, should a health issue arise. You must decide if our remedies are agreeable to you. If you do not agree to our terms, please do not send a payment to purchase from us.

NO REFUNDS. We have a No Cash Refund Policy. Payments and deposits are nonrefundable for any reason. We offer credits only.

LATE PAYMENTS OR NO CONTACT FROM BUYER Once a payment date has been missed and we do not hear from you for a period of 2 consecutive days past payment date, we will attempt email, phone and text contact, and provide 2 days longer to pay , but thereafter buyers forfeit ownership of the puppy and all funds received to date.

If the unlikely event of a reserved puppy dies while in seller’s care, the buyer agrees to transfer payments to waiting list or toward another puppy they like from the breeder. No refund is given. Proof of death will be provided in photos.

PARVO WARRANTY -We offer 10 day Parvo warranty from date you take possession IF you follow TWO STEPS LISTED BELOW. (The resolution is credit of cost of puppy if your puppy dies. We do not pay medical bills)

STEP ONE Buyer notifies breeder within a few hours of puppy showing illness signs

STEP TWO A full panel fecal test to a laboratory to RULE OUT PARASITES, canine, Corona virus, clostridiumm Crypt, also BACTERIAL CAMPYLOBACTOR , ECOLi and SALMONELLA.

We do NOT accept OFFICE parvo tests nor PCR test as diagnosis because a puppy recently vaccinated with a Parvo vaccine WILL test positive.We only accept RULING OUT OTHER ISSUES AS LISTED ABOVE

DO NOT CHANGE DIET Until over 7 months. No canned food of any kind, nor dried organ meats (full of Bacteria) nor raw hides, nor any kind of doggie snacks or jerkies until over 7 months of age.

REGISTRATION- Puppies are sold as pets with limited akc or ckc. Papers will be completed and ready for you when your puppy is picked up or at time of shipment, but once in a rare while it may take 30 to 60 days to mail the registration to you once puppy is in your custody.

PREDICTING SIZE There is no perfect formula in predicting adult size.There is no partial refund if your puppy ends up not exactly what you wanted.

NUVET SUPPLEMENT STRONGLY ADVISED FOR ENTIRE LIFE. I PROVIDE IT TO MY DOGS .IT is HUMAN GRADE supplement , AND IS NOT JUST A VITAMIN, Please start it at four months old and consult with me for dosage as the dosage advised by company is too rich .

BREEDER DOES NOT WARRANTY non-genetic illnesses, nor patella grade 1. We do not warranty against moleras as they are part of the Chihuahua breed standard. We do not warranty against cosmetic defects such as ear shape or size, color of coat, or quality of coat, tail length, or any cosmetic body part, nor body size, nor weight, and off bites.

NOTE If patella grade 2 or above is found in your NEWLY purchased puppy at your required initial exam you may return for exchange for a different puppy from us. After your puppies initial vet we do not warranty patellas.

PREDICTING SIZE There is no perfect formula in predicting adult size.Estimations are given and no guarantee of adult size.

No disagreement is ever expected, but if any disagreement arises, it will be settle by a court in San Joaquin County, State of California.

Facsimile/Electronic Signature- All parties hereto agree that this Agreement may be executed by facsimile/electronic signatures and such signatures shall be deemed originals. Buyer in this contract will include married couples under one spouse signature.

This contract is valid for the original purchaser of the dog from Seller. If the dog is transferred to another owner then this contract is null and void. Any part of the agreement that becomes void, does not void any other parts of the agreement.