Supplies For Feeding Your Puppy

If you plan on introducing a puppy into your home, you will need to look after them. The following supplies will help you feed your puppies and care for them. The pictures seen below are my recommendations, which include dry food, a playpen, Lactaid milk, puppy gel, heat pad, and a heartbeat lovie.

What If a Puppy Refuses to Eat?

If your puppy has no appetite, this could be a sign of illness or a potential health crisis. A puppy that’s refusing to eat should be taken to a veterinarian to check for any serious health issues. While I have a great amount of experience working with Chihuahua puppies, my advice is not meant to take the place of a vet.

Ideas For a Puppy Refusing to Eat:

Feeding puppies meat sticks

Using a 3 to 6 cc syringe and puppy formula, squeeze it into their mouths slowly, so they don’t choke. If you are unsure how to do this, drive to a veterinarian and have them show you. A puppy that doesn’t eat can be very ill, so don’t hesitate to take action. 

Here are some ideas for a puppy that is refusing to eat:

1. Try and tempt the puppy with some Gerber Babyfood meatsticks.

2. Use Nutrical three times a day on a puppy that’s not eating. Give one inch of gel in the morning, one inch at noon, and one inch at night. I use UNDER THE WEATHER DOG GEL. THE PUPS LIKE IT.

3. Try using a syringe and slowly put some warmed Esbilac Puppy Milk or Lactaid whole milk into the puppy’s mouth. A teaspoon of RICE FLAKES GERBER BABY FOOD added to ounce of milk makes a thin pudding texture. If puppy resists the food you need a Vet for sure.

4. Unflavored Pedialyte in bowl mixed with regular water. On a puppy not eating try adding teaspoon of sugar to 4 ounces water.

Have food and water available: The Royal Canine XSmall puppy dry food (seen in one of the earlier images) should be available day and night. Also, bottled water should be available for your Chihuahua puppy at all times. Once a puppy reaches around 5 months and they are at least 2 lbs, then you can consider removing overnight food, if you feel the need to.

Lactaid Milk: I advise it for puppies less then 2 lbs, for thin pups, and for pups that are not eating or drinking well due to change in environment. Please note that you should never give regular milk to a Chihuahua puppy. Only give them lactose free cows or goats milk.

Tip: Never give regular, oat, soy or almond milks to a puppy.

I advise the lactose free warmed up milk as a supplement to the dry food instead of puppy formula, because puppies are getting nutrients from the dry food and puppy gel. If you have a slender or runty puppy, or one that hardly eats dry food, then you may prefer to purchase Esbilac Puppy Milk instead of the Lactaid milk.

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