Veterinarians not taught about vaccine safety in med school!

A word on RABIES vaccines …… The majority of Veterinarians will simply tell you that the Rabies vaccine is a “killed” , thus HARMLESS. It seems the average Veterinarian doesn’t know that a harmless vaccine won’t produce any antibodies SO the manufacturer adds a toxin. This Chemical is called a “adjunctive” and might not be dangerous to a 80 lb dog, but to a 2 to 5 lb toy breed it may be dangerous. Below is true story of a woman’s two 5 month old chihuahuas who died within days after her Vet gave rabies and multi puppyshots same time. I posted screen shot of the vet bill she submitted. Her pups were not from me.She had been googling since her two pups died and found my website vaccine warnings

My decades of research shows that Veterinarians are not taught about vaccines or vaccine safety in medical school.Even those that will graduate to be neurosurgeons or cardiac specialists!

Veterinarians learn about the vaccines they buy from the vaccine salesmen. I would love to hear that this has changed or will change and Veterinarian students become educated in school onl vaccines

1. Please only allow CORE vaccines for your puppy which are
PARVO, DISTEMPER, ADENO HEPATITIS and PARA (do not confuse PARA with Flu shot)

2. NON CORE vaccines to avoid, if possible ( I had a customer that lived in a wildlife resort and he could not avoid LEPTO) are LEPTO, CORONA, BORTDELLA ,INFLUENZA

I understand that BORTDELLA might be urged by many Vets so my advice is to please wait until your puppy is over 6 to 7 months old.

3. To avoid overloading your puppy with vaccine adjunctive, Rabies Should be given BY ITSELF and not combined at the same with other vaccines.

We provide high quality parvo vaccine called NEOPAR. Sadly, most veterinarians are not willing to pay the higher cost for this effective vaccine.

We give a single vaccine NEOPAR at 5 weeks and 8 weeks of age. Since these are single vaccines it is considered safe by the company to space two weeks apart.
At 10 to 11 weeks we provide a DHPP vaccine. Since your puppy is a tiny toy breed please space five weeks between DHPP dates since the DHPP contains four vaccines in one.

The vaccines we use