Located in a California. We have specialized in Chihuahuas for  25 years.We have quality Applehead  Chihuahua Puppies  at unbeatable pricing . Compare our quality and sizes to the leading Breeders online who charge $9000 to $25000 . You will find that our Doll face looks are  often superior to those of puppies priced $10,000 more. My photos are definitely not as nice but do you want to pay Several thousands more just for fancier photos? Our  dogs are located in California, true little Hollywood Chihuahuas, but the Producers that approached us from Beverley Hills Chihuahua Movie found our chihuahua adults were too small.

ALERT Be aware that some breeders will use young 4 To 6 week old pups ( normally teeny at that age ) callIng these weeks old  puppies “MICRO teacups” asking  $10,000 to $25,000, THEN you can  find the same puppy at four months listed as TOY and priced at $5000. True Adult size can’t be judged in a four to five week old Chihuahua and fraudulent labels, using that young age is common

I can refer you to a Air flight nanny who Is licensed, insured and has delivered several of my puppies .  During her flights she posts videos and photos to update us both. 

Puppy Prices are subject to increase as the puppy matures and we are better able to evaluate them unless you have locked in your price with a deposit. 

We do not release our puppies until 12 to 15 weeks depending on the individual fragile nature and readiness to leave our care . Puppies have shots current for age, are dewormed, and advanced in potty  training. A lot of work goes into these tinier fragile puppies and we have pages of articles  for you to read on puppy care and feeding .

We do not then accept credit but offer a lower price then competitors for smaller and often higher quality. We do accept ZELLE, Bank to Bank Wires, Transfers  and Cash into our Bank Of America Business account.

We have over 225 hundred references  with an online presence of 18 years,  and a veterinarian we have been with for two decades. Several customers allow us to give out their telephone numbers or email addresses for contact.

I have a chihuahua Facebook page but I am not very active on it.  The Best contact is to text or call me at 209-328-0953



Over 200 References


I would consider Debra more than just a breeder. She genuinely LOVES every puppy she sells!Like no other breeder that I have experienced in the past, she is there to answer every question before and after purchase. This is not just a business for her; it is a commitment to provide EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY! I was AMAZED at the impeccable condition my puppy arrived in. This puppy was social, clean, BEAUTIFUL, well mannered,paper trained, and above all HEALTHY. There is no doubt in my mind, that Debra is one of the BEST, when it comes to Chihuahuas. Trust me, I’ve purchased 3 puppies in the past, that can not compete with the quality of Debra’s.If you are in the market for a Chihuahua puppy, this breeder is ,by far, the one that I would recommend and contact! I’m so impressed, that I would even like another pupp-y!!!!Thank You Debra for a MOST POSITIVE EXPERIENCE!


There you would not believe your little Ruby. She has come out of her little shy self . I was so surprised to see Ruby pick up a toy and throw it around squealing with joy .It has been so good to see her relaxed and happy.She loves warm goats milk. At first she wouldn’t not move away from my feet. She carries herself. She prances around tail up, head high just like a little show dog in the ring. She barks at the other dogs when she wants their attention. She is holding around 2 lbs now at 6 months old. She is still very sweet and loves to cuddle/ Thank you, I love her. Working with you as a wonderful person, your honesty, and knowing your dogs so well. Keep in touch,


Wee Willie

Debra, we just love Wee Willie, now named Zeus. He is precious. If you ever need a review of your services, please let us know. Your service is everything you claim it is. Thank you, thank you.

Bernadette Mier

Blue Angel

I wanted to let you know Blue Angel AKA (Penny) is doing great!!! We love her dearly.She is a little shy,but coming around.I thought it would take her longer being 9 months,but she is very sweet My gosh, we didn’t think she was so tiny, and even more beautiful in person.I can now see why other breeders would be jealous.I haven’t seen such a beautiful dog in 40 yrs.I am taking her for her Vet apt.tomorrow. I hate to because she is just now settling in,but I will/am going to abide by our contract.Feel free to use me as a ref. I can’t even believe she is 2.5 lbs I think the scales are wrong! LOL She feels like she doesn’t even weigh a lb. She is so very much the lap furbaby we wanted. She isn’t wild or crazy at all.She just started giving kisses this evening.Yea,remember our time is dif.We went and bought her another new bed (made for a ferret) LOL because she is sooooo tiny.She loves it.We have been looking for yrs and I am glad I waited and got the little girl of our dreams.Well,I know you are busy and have tons of e-mails to read so I will stop here,as I could go on,and on,and on,about how pleased we are,

Kenneth and Deana


I just wanted to say we are so happy with our baby boy. We have named him “Spanky”….He is our pampered baby boy. Darlah, our female chihuahua loves him as well! Spanky has adjusted to our home and fits in perfectly. We are also very happy he is knows to use the potty pads when he came to us. I will definitely use you as our future breeder when we or anyone else is needing one. Thanks for a beautifully raised, adorable, well mannered puppy


Meet Our Dogs


I have been in Feline Rescue for two decades. I spend thousands of dollars each year  from Chihuahua puppy sales to support this rescue effort.one example of my passion over the years is #1 A kitten with obvious internal organ defect I adopted from children giving kittens away in from of Walmart. I took the kitten to Davis Vet hospital in California and paid a team of surgeons to try to correct the congenital defects. The intestines and liver were in the kittens chest, putting pressure on his lungs.

Puppy Sales Fund Personal Feline Rescue 16 years Now

Veterinarians spend over $200,000 in study  for 8 years in an accredited school before they can give a puppy a simple vaccine shot. Yet, dog breeders produce the LIVES of puppies without any credentials to prove competency. Young dogs with early degenerative disease is often due to unethical dog brokers who know nothing about the breeds they sell .Also some  careless breeders contribute to genetically defective dogs because such dog breeders have little to no knowledge of canine genetics, microbiology, parasitology and pathology. 


Consumers tend to be confused on what defines SIZE in a Chihuahua. Weight is not the definition of size. Size is determined by INCH MEASUREMENT . A 3 lb poorly bred Chihuahua with a 10 inch long body is only thin and not small.  Compare to chihuahuas that average 6 to 7 inches lengths regardless of weight. I have many times had people call my 5 lb chihuahuas TEACUPS. I understood it was due to the compact inch measurement of the body . I have several customers with my 3 to 5 lb chihuahuas that have written me regarding their chihuahuas being smaller then a dozen others in their Chihuahua Meet Up Groups,. They made a point to mention that their chihuahuas were smaller in size then chihuahuas in the group that were only 2 lbs. Applehead chihuahuas with average body size of 7 inches are tiny regardless of weight. The 7 inch body length stays the same regardless of the weight on the frame. A lower quality Chihuahua with 10 inch long body is still fuller sized  no matter what the weight is.