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Photos of the Chihuahua parents to help you judge size future appearance of your puppy at maturity.

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Over 27 years experience raising Chihuahuas! So glad that we made many families happy along the way.

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Do you need help with purchasing one of our Chihuahua puppies? We’ll show you how to do that.

Welcome to Deb’s Chihuahuas. We started with the purchase of several champion Chihuahuas in 1996 from Show Breeders throughout the United States and Europe. Starting with champion bloodlines gave us a sound foundation to build on, for health, beauty and sound temperament.

Contact Us: Call or text us at 209-328-0953, or email us at munchkinpups@icloud.com.

Payment Options: We accept Zelle, bank wires, transfers, and cash.

Our Apple Head Chihuahua Puppies: Size and Temperament

Size estimation: Our apple head puppies are notably small, however it’s important to understand that the size of a Chihuahua puppy can be influenced by a combination of genetic factors. We have genetically small Chihuahuas, most mature at 3 to 4 lbs., with some that will weigh less and some that can go over 4 lbs. When it comes to size, we can only provide an estimation of our puppies future adult size once full grown.

We have posted photos of our adults next to ruler measurements. You can view the size of our adults below. For more examples, see our parent’s measurements.

Cute small Chihuahuas
Apple head chihuahuas

Puppy Temperament: Our puppies are known for having an exceptional temperament. They are both friendly and gentle, which makes them a great little companion for caring families of all ages. We have hundreds of references you can read regarding our Chihuahua puppies.

What You Should Know Before Buying:

  • Our puppies are advanced in potty training and sleep through the night.
  • Buyers receive pet registration, 4 generation pedigrees, shot record, gift pack.
  • Buyers also receive info on health insurance, feeding, care, and vaccines.
  • We have over 200 references spanning 23 years presence online.

Applehead Chihuahua Puppies: FAQs and Tips

Let’s cover some frequently asked questions you might have about our applehead Chihuahua puppies. We’ll briefly go over what applehead Chihuahuas are, why pricing can be different between them, and other useful information. We have a Q&A page in the links top page.

What are apple head Chihuahua puppies?

An “applehead” describes a particular head shape in Chihuahuas. In short, it means that the Chihuahua has a rounded, apple-dome shape to their heads. Other common features in high quality applehead Chihuahua are a short muzzle, and large, expressive eyes giving a “doll face” look. This particular look is desired by many people over a more traditional head shape.

Why do prices differ for each puppy?

Our common price range is $2500 to $5000 but can go higher on pups we consider rare, hard to find types. Occasionally we have puppies less then $2500. Pricing for puppies vary depending on many factors. For instance, if we feel a puppy is show quality then the puppy will be priced higher, but if we have multiple showy pups of the same color and same sex, the price will drop some. Plenty of times a puppy can be very close to show quality but falls just short! Often due of a simple cosmetic issue like a coat that’s not perfect enough, OR a bite that is off.

Are you located in California, and how much experience do you have?

Yes, I am a Chihuahua breeder located in California. I’ve accumulated nearly 3 decades worth of valuable experience raising Chihuahuas, which helps us to raise happy and healthy puppies, and provide them with the best care possible.

Champion Bloodlines and References

Champion bloodlines include: Bayard, Burgundy, Dartan, Dea’s, Desmond, Duggar’s, Hi-C, Hurds, JalWood, Jen-Jeans, Jo-Els, Jombobs, Joanna’s, Kandees, Mt.Views, O’Pags, Osito, Pittores, Quachitah, Regniers, Soroko,Toyville, Vannoy. More Champions can be viewed in our posted PEDIGREES.

We have an older website that was called a “dinosaur” by a web designer company; it’s 22 years old and counting. Although we do not use it for selling, we keep it around for the hundreds of customer references and articles we wrote. Check it out here.