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Welcome to my internet home. Experience since 1990’s. Online for 21 years now! Text is best way to contact. 209-328-0953

This website you are on is my newer google friendly site I paid to have built on WordPress in 2018. I also have a 20 year old Chihuahua website with Homestead company, but I do not use that one to sell puppies. I keep it because it shows my 20 year history online (since 2002) & has my 200+ references in the original formats (emails /texts) as they were sent to me over the years.

 We accept Zelle, Bank to bank wires and also cash into  our business account . These are the only forms of payments.

Visit our ADULT PAGE To see the parents , grandparents, great grandparents and great great grandparents to help you see the size our puppies mature to.

We keep puppies until 3 to 4 months old before releasing so we can provide a couple sets of vaccines. We use Neotech vaccines. You can read more at Our pups are advanced on potty training. Each family receives a registration, pedigree, shot record, and gift pack of goodies.

To view Chihuahua puppies for sale, please click on the “Available” links at the top of this page.

NO CARGO SHIPPING BUT WE DO OFFER NANNY FLIGHT SERVICE . I can refer you to a licensed insured experienced nanny who sets flights and takes puppies on board first class with her. She has delivered dozens of puppies to our customers . Or you can drive or fly  to my state and pick up personally from me.

We encourage you to  read OUR POLICIES” ” page and also our “PURCHASE CONTRACT” before contacting us.


Over 200 References

Coronado Family (
I live in Texas... I too, just purchased a puppy from Debra about 2 weeks ago (May 20, 2020). I was a pitbull mom before and let my dog out to use the restroom and he returned poisoned and vet couldn't keep my big boy alive. My husband and I were heart broken for months and I started looking at a much tinier breed so I wouldn't have to let out to use the restroom. I did my research locally and no luck. I went online and came across Debra's ad which led to her website and I fell in love. I was so sceptical about buying out of state but when I spoke to Debra I could just tell that I could trust her. She was so sweet, genuine and funny. By the time she finished talking, she had literally answered all my questions plus more that we laughed because I didn't even have to ask anything. She was so on point and so easy to talk to. We nearly spoke for an hour. That 1 conversation with her sold me. I knew I had to convince my husband bc the price was not one we've ever paid. But after doing my research, Debra's prices were pretty decent for the sizes. So I spent almost the entire buying process trying to convince my husband to let me purchase the puppy I was already getting �� lol. He gave in after seeing her page and YouTube videos. My experience with Debra was great, she was very patient in dealing with the minor payments issues we ran into. Paying through Zelle gives some banks restrictions and I happen to be one of the few that could only send payments in amounts of $250 per transaction. (Something people with major banks don't have to worry about) Debra was very understanding and made accomodations for me as well. And due to some accomodations, she even helped save money. My entire process down to the pet courier she gave me was excellent! I am very pleased with doing business with Debra. My puppy is healthy as per vet, she is a happy, cuddly, loving girl. She's so silly, she keeps us laughing. My family loves her. She's the baby of the family and she knows it! She even asks to be carried, she's too cute! And on top of being so adorable, she is even paper trained! Given, she found a spot where she wanted to go and that's where we placed the pads. She goes to the same spot everytime! The one and only issue I have is that I think my babygirl favors my husband lol.. after trying to convince him for so long! Lol Needless to say, we will be purchasing another pup from Debra in the future!

So yes Debra, due to the quality and fun-loving traits of Ebony, you made my sceptic husband a believer!
To potential buyers:
Buying out of state is a risk, but it's gotta be a risk you're willing and financially able to take. (Advice from the stock market) I got lucky and put my money in the right hands! And I'm glad I didn't allow any less than perfect reviews to ruin my chances of having the perfect little girl I have now. Communication is key. I created MY OWN experience and I'm glad I took the chance with Debra. I highly recommend Debra! My mom and sister want to purchase from her as well
October 6, 2017
I bought my Chihuahua puppy from Debra in September 2017. At first I was very apprehensive about purchasing a puppy online. With all the scams out there, it was a direction I was not sure I wanted to go. I came across Debra’s web page and found the puppy for me. She was beautiful! I called Debra and spoke with her in length about Lilly and the Chihuahua breed in general. She was very knowledgeable and willing to answer all my questions and address all my concerns.When I got Lilly home, I was surprised to find she was potty trained. She was playful and happy and seemed in perfect health. I follow the rules of the contract and got her in to my Vet for a health checkup. My Vet said my puppy was very healthy and he took a stool sample to have sent outcame out clean No Parvo ....No Flees/Ticks.....No Health issue’s! No WormsI just want to say Thank You Debra, not only did you sell me the perfect Chihuahua puppy, but you have been there to call when I have had other questions regarding Lilly after my purchase. I want to give my endorsement of this breeder to anyone wanting a perfect Chihuahua puppy. I have had Lily now over a month and she continues to do great. She is very smart and has become my best friend. We love her! If anyone wants to contact me regarding my experience with Debra, please feel free to email me and I will be glad to speak with you,Michelle

Subject: Puppies
My name is JD Deutschmann. I'm contacting you because if you are considering a pup from Debbie, you need to buy it.My wife and I Cathy have no children and decided to buy a chihuahua about 3 years ago. I searched locally first, then reached out around the country cause this was going to be our child.Well we now have 3 Shooter, Rex, and Girly and can't tell you which is more perfect. Our vet, Dr. Firmin(Slidell,la) describes them as "Perfect specimen of the Chihuahua breed."We were a bit apprehensive buying and flying a puppy we had never seen from California, but we rolled the dice. All three were more than what she represented online and verbally and we couldn't be happier with all three of them. If you wish to discuss further , feel free to call me 504-450-6330

On Sep 21, 2018, at 12:07 PM, Jesse Wilde wrote:
Hi Debra... hope you are doing well. Mindy is a beautiful and loving pup. She has captured everyone’s heart. She sure has Kathleen’s & my heart. She is happy sleeping in her play pen and enjoying life. She has a cousin Ted who is my Sister's Terrier. Mindy is also going to be in a tv series with me. We start filming this coming Oct. ’m preparing fir a principle role in a TV movie called Deadwood. We start filming in the coming Oct. also. I’ll be filming for a couple of weeks. Possibly more. We are very happy that you had Mindy waiting for us to bring home. You have done a remarkable thing in caring for and preparing Mindy for her new forever home. I will keep you up dated with Mindy’s adventures and her family that love her very much. Take care Debra and continue to have such terrific pups that are healthy, happy & prepared to capture a family’s heart. Thank you again Debra. We have the best pup any family would be happy and proud to have.
Best regards Jesse & Kathleen

AKA DAFFY 12/01/2020
Hi Debra,
I just wanted to let you know how happy we all are to have UMI into our home! (BTW UMI means "ocean" in Japanese) We were in Las Vegas for 3 days to participate in my son's baseball big tournament and I brought UMI everywhere! He sits in the sling quietly while I keep scores for the team. He is also really social, always welcomes petting by strangers. Everyone praises how cute and how well-behaved he is. One of the moms actually asked me where I got UMI from so I gave her your information! You gave me good directions what to feed him, how to introduce him to our home, and answered any questions I had even after I adopted him. And he was already potty-trained when he got here, rarely makes any accident.
Thank you so much for letting me have him. I feel so calm and happy when I snuggle with him.....such a perfect puppy to complete my life!!

8/15/2020 Our experience with Deb’s chihuahuas was fantastic! Deborah provides you with all of the information you need to care for the puppy. You can tell she is a very knowledgeable breeder and deeply cares for these dogs. Our puppy, “Taco” is a phenomenal dog. He was pee pad trained from the start, making our lives easier and he quickly took to his new environment. He is kind, energetic, and intelligent. He loves to play with his toys around the house and cuddle when it’s time to settle down. Thank you so much for Taco who is now known as Simon./15/2020 Our experience with Deb’s chihuahuas was fantastic! Deborah provides you with all of the information you need to care for the puppy. You can tell she is a very knowledgeable breeder and deeply cares for these dogs. Our puppy, “Taco” is a phenomenal dog. He was pee pad trained from the start, making our lives easier and he quickly took to his new environment. He is kind, energetic, and intelligent. He loves to play with his toys around the house and cuddle when it’s time to settle down. Thank you so much for Taco who is now known as Simon.

I would consider Debra more than just a breeder. She genuinely LOVES every puppy she sells!Like no other breeder that I have experienced in the past, she is there to answer every question before and after purchase. This is not just a business for her; it is a commitment to provide EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY! I was AMAZED at the impeccable condition my puppy arrived in. This puppy was social, clean, BEAUTIFUL, well mannered,paper trained, and above all HEALTHY. There is no doubt in my mind, that Debra is one of the BEST, when it comes to Chihuahuas. Trust me, I’ve purchased 3 puppies in the past, that can not compete with the quality of Debra’s.If you are in the market for a Chihuahua puppy, this breeder is ,by far, the one that I would recommend and contact! I’m so impressed, that I would even like another pupp-y!!!!Thank You Debra for a MOST POSITIVE EXPERIENCE!


There you would not believe your little Ruby. She has come out of her little shy self . I was so surprised to see Ruby pick up a toy and throw it around squealing with joy .It has been so good to see her relaxed and happy.She loves warm goats milk. At first she wouldn’t not move away from my feet. She carries herself. She prances around tail up, head high just like a little show dog in the ring. She barks at the other dogs when she wants their attention. She is holding around 2 lbs now at 6 months old. She is still very sweet and loves to cuddle/ Thank you, I love her. Working with you as a wonderful person, your honesty, and knowing your dogs so well. Keep in touch,


Wee Willie

Debra, we just love Wee Willie, now named Zeus. He is precious. If you ever need a review of your services, please let us know. Your service is everything you claim it is. Thank you, thank you.

Bernadette Mier

Blue Angel

I wanted to let you know Blue Angel AKA (Penny) is doing great!!! We love her dearly.She is a little shy,but coming around.I thought it would take her longer being 9 months,but she is very sweet My gosh, we didn’t think she was so tiny, and even more beautiful in person.I can now see why other breeders would be jealous.I haven’t seen such a beautiful dog in 40 yrs.I am taking her for her Vet apt.tomorrow. I hate to because she is just now settling in,but I will/am going to abide by our contract.Feel free to use me as a ref. I can’t even believe she is 2.5 lbs I think the scales are wrong! LOL She feels like she doesn’t even weigh a lb. She is so very much the lap furbaby we wanted. She isn’t wild or crazy at all.She just started giving kisses this evening.Yea,remember our time is dif.We went and bought her another new bed (made for a ferret) LOL because she is sooooo tiny.She loves it.We have been looking for yrs and I am glad I waited and got the little girl of our dreams.Well,I know you are busy and have tons of e-mails to read so I will stop here,as I could go on,and on,and on,about how pleased we are,

Kenneth and Deana


I just wanted to say we are so happy with our baby boy. We have named him “Spanky”….He is our pampered baby boy. Darlah, our female chihuahua loves him as well! Spanky has adjusted to our home and fits in perfectly. We are also very happy he is knows to use the potty pads when he came to us. I will definitely use you as our future breeder when we or anyone else is needing one. Thanks for a beautifully raised, adorable, well mannered puppy


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