6 pups for sale that will be ready December,  3 boys and 3 girls. We will not be available for sales or pickups from Dec 20 to Dec 26th.

Our Chihuahua family is located in California. We have been raising and breeding champion bloodline applehead  Chihuahuas for 27 years. We do not have a kennel, but our dogs live in the home with us .  Our puppies can not be released at 8 to 10 weeks because they weigh 8 to 12 ounces at that age. Breeders who release chihuahua puppies 8 to 10 weeks have larger chihuahuas. We release our puppies from 12 to 15 weeks of age once they are at least 1.8 lbs. It also takes time to vaccinate &potty train. We have over 200 references spanning 23 years online.

CONTACTING US  Please text at 209-328-0953  and we can set an appt to talk. Provide your name, number of adults and children in the home, number of pets (types and ages). If you prefer to fill out a short application , the link is above, OR just text…. whichever you choose.


1. Parvo VIRUS warranty, READ CONTRACTS as you will see most Breeders do not give any kind of warranty for this fatal virus.
2.  Pet registration and pedigree.
3. Shot record , Information sheet on safe vaccination protocols.
4.Lowest prices you will find for high quality apple-head dollface.
5. The highest quality (costly) vaccines on the market, NEOTECH.
6.  Pups are potty trained to indoor pee pads .

We started on a firm foundation with Champion Chihuahuas purchased from show Breeders throughout USA. Just some of the Champion bloodlines are Burgandy, Deas, Quachitah, Dartans, Desmond, Duggar’s, Kandees, Hurds, Joe-Els, Jalwood, Regniers, Vannoys……..

We have been in feline rescue for 25 years. The money from the sales of our chihuahua puppies has given us the opportunity to fund many feline medical /surgical needs. The most risky surgery was at Davis California Vet University, relocating intestines & liver, from the chest of a kitten, down to her abdomen. We TNRweekly, spaying /neutering with placements into PetSmar adoption center.

Instead of accepting credit we provide lower prices.We accept Zelle, bank to bank wires, bank transfers, cash into our business account, and cash balance as pick up. 

NEED DELIVERY? Our customers found us a licensed, Insured flight Nanny during 2019 Covid when airlines closed cargo. She is USDA Permitted, Licensed and insured. She accepts credit cards too. ALSO, You may pick up a puppy yourself, or send a trusted friend or a relative.



Coronado Family (mousenhisspouse@gmail.com)
I live in Texas... I too, just purchased a puppy from Debra about 2 weeks ago (May 20, 2020). I did my research locally and no luck. I went online and came across Debra's ad which led to her website and I fell in love. I was so sceptical about buying out of state but when I spoke to Debra I could just tell that I could trust her. She was so sweet, genuine and funny. By the time she finished talking, she had literally answered all my questions plus more that we laughed because I didn't even have to ask anything. She was so on point and so easy to talk to. We nearly spoke for an hour. My experience with Debra was great. My entire process down to the pet courier she gave me was excellent! I am very pleased with doing business with Debra. My puppy is healthy as per vet, she is a happy, cuddly, loving girl. She's the baby of the family and she knows it! Lol Needless to say, we will be purchasing another pup from Debra in the future!

Subject: Puppies
My name is JD Deutschmann. I'm contacting you because if you are considering a pup from Debbie, you need to buy it.My wife and I Cathy have no children and decided to buy a chihuahua about 3 years ago. I searched locally first, then reached out around the country cause this was going to be our child.Well we now have 3 Shooter, Rex, and Girly and can't tell you which is more perfect. Our vet, Dr. Firmin describes them as "Perfect specimen of the Chihuahua breed."We were a bit apprehensive buying and flying a puppy we had never seen from California, but we rolled the dice. All three were more than what she represented online and verbally and we couldn't be happier with all three of them. If you wish to discuss further , feel free to call me 504-450-6330

AKA DAFFY 12/01/2020
Hi Debra,
I just wanted to let you know how happy we all are to have UMI into our home! (BTW UMI means “ocean” in Japanese) He is also really social, always welcomes petting by strangers. Everyone praises how cute and how well-behaved he is. One of the moms actually asked me where I got UMI from so I gave her your information! You gave me good directions what to feed him, how to introduce him to our home, and answered any questions I had even after I adopted him. And he was already potty-trained when he got here, rarely makes any accident.
Thank you so much for letting me have him….such a perfect puppy to complete my life!!

Over 250 Testimonials Spanning 22 years online

Hundreds More References On my Old 23 year old “Homestead” Website. ASK for domain to visit. I do not post puppies on my old website, but I do pay yearly to keep it as it holds hundreds of my original references as they were sent to me through emails for decades.







No kennel! Raised in our family homes!