Our Policies/ Purchase Info

It is Breeder’s job to help you learn safe vaccination protocols, to feed and care for your puppy properly. As a consumer it is your job to research the specific breed you choose BEFORE purchasing.


CONTACTING US- Contact is best through text and then we set up a appointment to talk. I provide videos of puppies, and updated photos.

CONVERSATION After you contact me through text, we then arrange to speak to each other. If we hit it off and we both feel good about each other ( yes it’s a TWO WAY STREET!) And then i send you a contract visit text and we arrange a deposit.

MONEY ALONE DOESN’T BUY A PUPPY. Let’s say the breeder doesn’t choose you and yet you have the MONEY? Is that hard to comprehend? Imagine that you are chosen for your CHARACTER, your kindness, your patience? The breeder isn’t selling a couch. YES, the puppy does COST money, BUT again What if the money isn’t the main deciding factor *for the breeder?  What if the breeder wants you to also view that the most important part of the sale is the puppy? Food for thought, 

ADVICE : Its unfortunate that some people just assume that the first person with money is grabbed up by the breeder. Approaching a scammer with that attitude is one thing, but approaching a real breeder with that attitude immediately kills the sale……

FACETIME. I am working on learning to use FaceTime with my family but at this time it is not offered.

FOR THOSE WHO ARE LOCAL…..I do not any longer bring the public to my home! It is not safe to bring strangers into one’s home nowadays. I used to bring everyone in. I sell young puppies solely by video, photos . I do not show pups in person locally unless one reaches 4 to 5 months and is not yet sold.

PICKING UP PUPPY  I meet now at my Vet’s office for pick up, i haven been with my veterinarian  for decades

KEEP IN MIND that  those pups you see on my website that aren’t sold isn’t because of a lack of buyers. Each puppy listed for sale averages at least a dozen people contacting me before the puppy gets sold.