My Terms/Policies

It is Breeder’s job to help you learn safe vaccination protocols, to feed and care for your puppy properly, but As a consumer it is your job to research the specific breed you choose BEFORE purchasing.

It is never ever “first come first serve” when it comes to selling puppies. We have an obligation to the puppies to place them in the right home, at our discretion.
We have the right to refuse sale to anyone for any reason.


1. CONTACT – Contact is best through text and then we set up a appointment to talk. I will provide additional videos of puppies, and updated photos. I do not hold puppies without a deposit.

2. CONVERSATION – After you contact me through text, we then arrange to speak to each other. If we both feel good about each other (it’s a TWO WAY STREET) Then we proceed to contract.



MONEY ALONE DOESN’T BUY A PUPPY. You are chosen for your personality. Although a puppy does COST money, The money itself doesn’t ensure a sale.

THOUGHT -scammers are rampant online , but be careful not to assume every person you speak to is one. If approaching a real breeder with an aggressive unkind attitude that they are a scammer until proven innocent ,that immediately kills the sale.

FACETIME. I’m currently learning to use FaceTime and camera will be aimed at puppy. (If you buy a puppy you can meet and see me in person if you choose to pick up) During FaceTime I prefer to keep my face private because who knows who is calling? It could a another breeder pretending to be a prospective buyer, trying to get a photo of me. I’m selective with using FaceTime , and will use it only for those who I FIRST speak on the phone with ,to get aquatinted first.

FOR THOSE WHO ARE LOCAL…..I no longer bring the public to my home. I used to bring everyone in during the days I used only the newspaper to advertise ( 1990s to early 2000s ) I sell young puppies solely by video, photos, conversation ,references and facetime

IF A PUP IS NOT SOLD BY 5 months old THE PUP Can be
Shown in person because they are ready to go.

PICKING UP PUPPY  I meet now at my Vet’s office for pick up, I have been with my veterinarian for over 2 decades.I look forward to meeting families in person. It’s always a pleasure.

KEEP IN MIND that those pups you see on my website that aren’t sold by 4 months isn’t because of a lack of buyers. Each puppy listed for sale averages at least A DOZEN people contacting me before the puppy gets sold. I’m picky and often don’t sell for multiple reasons.

I post some puppies late too, when They are already four months old, because I was keeping them THEN changed my mind.