Steps To Purchase

It is never ever “first come first serve” when it comes to selling puppies. We have an obligation to the puppies to place them in the right home, at our discretion.


1. Fill out the application page OR instead simply TEXT me the following info

1. Full name and your State

2. Number of children and ages

3. Type of Pets and ages

4. Number of adults in home and who will care for puppy daily

I must have the above information before we set up a phone conversation and before I will send any videos or photos.

Once I have the info above then we a phone conversation to get to know alittle bit about each other

Then if we mutually agree the puppy is a fit then I will send a contract to you through email

NOTE: Our contract sent to you is not an obligation from us without a deposit. A payment is what activates the contract. Once a contract is sent a deposit should be processing within 24 hours.Do not request we send the contract to you until you are ready to depositto reserve the puppy.

FACETIME.I have never used FaceTime to sell even one puppy in 22 years I’v been online.I’m 65 and do not use FaceTime , but I may learn to use it use with customers that have bought a puppy, but not with strangers.

I no longer bring people I do not know into my home. I am not a kennel with an office, but a private home. I sell young puppies by videos, photos, conversation, references. IF AN OLDER PUP IS NOT SOLD BY 5 months old THE PUP Can be Shown in person because they are ready to go.

PICKING UP PUPPY  I meet now at my Vet’s office for pick up, I have been with my veterinarian for 25 years. I look forward to meeting families in person. It’s always a pleasure.

KEEP IN MIND that those pups you see on my website that aren’t sold by 4 months isn’t because of a lack of buyers. Each puppy listed for sale averages at least A DOZEN people contacting me before the puppy gets sold.